ESTA Antrag: What You Should Know


If you plan on travelling to the United States, then you might need an ESTA, which is short for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It’s a system that is designed to pre-screen travelers to the USA. With that said, let’s talk about who needs one, how to apply and how much it costs.

Who Needs It

Anyone who plans on going to the United States via airplane or ship will need to apply for an ESTA. This goes for people who are from a country that falls under the visa waiver program. If you plan on staying in the USA for under 90 days and you have been approved for an ESTA, as well as have a return ticket, then you are eligible to apply for admission under the waiver program.

How To Apply

You apply for an ESTA online, which is very easy to do. All you do is fill out a short form, confirm the data and make a payment. Then you wait to find out if you’re approved. If you are, then you’ll receive your authorization via email. If you plan on travelling with others, then all of the ESTA applications can be filled out in just one order.


You’ll be required to pay $14.00 at the end of the application process. This is $14.00 per application, so if you have family members or anyone else that’ll be travelling with you, then each of their applications will cost $14.00 to process. There’s various payment methods you can use, such as PayPal, debit card, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa.

Do you plan on travelling to the US? If so, the chances are you need to apply for an ESTA antrag. As you can see from the above, applying for an ESTA is easy and usually doesn’t take long to be approved for one.