Don’t Skimp on Gutters Seattle WA

Anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, especially in the coastal regions, knows that many inches of rain fall throughout the year. To handle the volume of water that comes off roofs, it’s a very good idea to have gutters installed.

Not all roofs need the same size of gutters. Small roofs have less square footage than large roofs on which rain falls, so small roofs can get by with small gutters (like four inches across). A large roof that collects more rainwater does best with gutters that are five or six inches across.

Roof pitch is also a determinant when deciding on gutter size. Rain water runs off steep roofs faster than it runs off flatter roofs, so gutters need to be able to accommodate quick deposits into their channels. Install a small gutter on a large, steep roof and you’ll have a gutter that fills up quickly and overflows.

Get Great Gutters Seattle WA

Are you looking for a great gutter installation company in the Seattle WA area? Here are some tips on how to find a good gutters Seattle WA company.

  1. Ask around. Nothing beats a referral from someone who has already used a company, experienced their services, and tried out their products. There are lots of gutter businesses in Seattle, so you have plenty of choices. Ask a few people for recommendations. When they give you a name, ask if they’re related to the business owner or connected in some way. Sometimes it helps to mention that connection when you make the initial call to the company.
  2. Run a Google search, of course. Pay attention to the reviews that others have left. Don’t be too worried if there are some bad reviews, and look to see how the company rep answers the complaints. Every company will have a problem here and there. It’s good to know how they handle those situations and make them right.

Find a Company That Provides Comprehensive Gutter Services

It’s best to find one company that you can call for all your gutter needs. Make sure you get a gutter outfit that will:

  • Install gutters
  • Replace gutters
  • Repair and maintain gutters
  • Clean out gutters
  • Install gutter guards (those mesh panels that go over the channels to screen out debris)

One last thing. Make sure you get seamless gutters, not the traditional kind that come in sections. Seamless gutters leak and drip less than the other kind. You’re welcome.