A Beginner’s Guide To The Different Types Of Prescription Sports Glasses Available

Finding out that you need glasses or contact lenses can be difficult fact to face as an average individual; however, as a sports person, it can be even more challenging to manage.  A sports person is constantly active, and the need to wear glasses is considered an obstruction to their activity.  While New Zealand cricketer Daniel Vettori showed that glasses are not something to worry about, not all athletes are as comfortable with near-sightedness.

Fortunately, the sporting world has interceded with the fashion world, and prescription sportswear has become available.  For athletes, particularly active sports people, this means the presentation of prescription glasses.  This article will discuss prescription sports glasses and the different types of glasses available to athletes.

1. Cycling Goggles

All sports require different types of visual specifications, and this is clear when dealing with cyclists.  The type of prescription sports glasses created for cyclists are known as cycling goggles and are highly recommended as they help the athlete ‘see where you’re going’.  This means that the glasses reduce the glare from the sun making vision clearer on bright tracks.  Furthermore, bugs and dust will be eliminated and eyes will be protected from any debris; thereby, reducing the chance of any eye infections or discomfort.

2. Squash Goggles

As with any other active sport where balls are required, it is important that the player’s eyes are protected in a game of squash.  The square prescription sports goggles are essential to allow the individual to keep an eye on the ball while still having strong peripheral vision.  Furthermore, goggles will help reduce any perspiration entering the eyes and eliminates eye infection or injury.

3. Tennis Goggles

Tennis, similar to squash, is another sporting activity where you will want your vision to be clear so you can see what is approaching.  There are two types of tennis sports glasses available on the market and choosing the most appropriate one is dependent on the level of tennis being played.  The first is one that will protect your eyes from injury; whereas the second will protect the eyes from the glare of the sun ensuring you have clear vision throughout the game.

4. Fishing Goggles

Believe it or not, prescription sports goggles are available for fishing.  The majority of people do not consider fishing an active or high-risk sport, and for the most part it is not; however, the glare from the water can cause strain to a person’s eyes.  This being the case, it is recommended that one use special fishing goggles to protect the eyes from distracting glares off the water and avoid injury.