Canada Visa UK: Why British Nationals No Longer Need One

Visitors traveling from the UK to Canada for a short stay need to get an Electronic Travel Authorization before they can be allowed to enter the country via an airport instead of the traditional Canada visa UK. This requirement came into effect as of March 15, 2016. UK citizens bearing a valid British passport do not have to apply for a traditional visa to enter Canada. Canadian citizens traveling to the UK from Canada do not have to satisfy this requirement.

The eTA, as it is commonly abbreviated, was introduced as a means of upgrading Canada’s immigration security to the same level as seen in the US.

Applying for the eTA only takes a few minutes at most. Applicants will be required to enter some personal information, passport details, and credit card or debit card information into the online forms. The application cost is set at 7 Canadian dollars. Once an application is approved, the approval is then linked to the applicant’s passport. As such you will have to travel with this passport every time you enter the country. The applicant can, within a period of five years, visit Canada for short stays over and over.

Canada visa uk

Applicants will also have to prove that they have enough funds to maintain themselves during their visit to Canada regardless of whether they are visiting relatives or friends.

In case an applicant renews their passport before the expiry of this five year validity period, they will also have to complete the entire eTA application all over again. Applicants looking to stay in Canada for a longer period are encouraged to seek further guidance from the Canadian High Commission before they travel.

It is worth noting that British citizens who intend to enter Canada by road, rail or water do not have to get a Canada visa UK or an eTA either. They are however advised to carry valid identification documents so that they can prove their nationality.